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      Cable reel

      This product is mainly used for storage, retraction and release of 400Hz and 28.5V aircraft power cables. We have set up the control button on the aircraft plug, which can realize the operation of cable retraction and release. The storage cable length is divided into 25 meters and 31 meters.

      Cable folding bar

      The product effectively solves the problem of cable connection between the aircraft ground power supply and the aircraft on the apron, effectively protects the aircraft power supply cable, avoids wear and reduces the physical expenditure of the operators. The product is installed on the power side near the aircraft stop position, and the 400Hz, 28.5V aircraft power supply cable is extended to the lower part of the aircraft through the cable folding rod. The extension length of folding rod is optional, and the maximum extension length can reach 24m.

      400Hz、28.5V Aircraft plug

      The aircraft power supply plug is filled with high-quality sealing resin, which can be completely waterproof. The cable and plug are connected firmly and durable. The aircraft plug is equipped with a control button, and the operator directly controls the on-off of the power supply and the retraction and release of the cable on the connector. In order to facilitate on-site maintenance, all plugs adopt replaceable parts, including shell and plug core.

      Air conditioning hose

      Air conditioning hose is widely used in air conditioning system and ventilation system, with the characteristics of wear resistance, insulation and good sealing. The outer layer is made of high-strength and wear-resistant yellow nylon plastic with polyurethane. The middle layer is high density polypropylene fabric with metallized super radiation insulation material. The sealing layer is made of polyurethane coated nylon material, which can prevent mould from forming. The maximum length of hose available is 35 meters.

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