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      The 6th China (Beijing) International Airport exhibition 2014

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      Exhibition time: October 15, 2014 to October 17, 2014
      Exhibition address: China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China / No.6, North 3rd Ring East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
      Sponsor: China Aerospace Society
      Organizer: Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

      Exhibition introduction
      In order to better serve the exhibitors at home and abroad, the organizer will hold the China airport construction and Development Forum on the spot, together with the airport Department of CAAC, Beijing Capital Airport Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Airport Group Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Airport Group Co., Ltd The officials and experts in charge of the airport expansion and reconstruction project of the Department, Yunnan airport group company, Western Airport Management Group Company, Anhui Civil Aviation Group Co., Ltd. and other airports have conducted multi-level, multi angle and multi field discussion and interaction, which has built an important platform for exchange and cooperation for domestic and foreign airport equipment service industry enterprises.

      1. China plans to build 55 new airports in the next five years, bringing the total number of airports to 230, which will help ease the growing number of passengers;
      2. CAAC plans to invest up to $320 billion over the next five years;
      3. The Chinese government plans to open airspace below 4000 meters to civil aircraft;
      4. The number of Chinese tourists has increased significantly, and is expected to double from 230 million in 2009 to 450 million to 500 million in 2015;
      5. Beijing plans to build a second airport, which can accommodate 60 million passengers a year, which will meet the rapidly growing number of passengers;
      6. IATA forecasts that China's international passengers will grow from 49.2 million in 2009 to 82.1 million in 2015, with a growth rate of 66.87%.

      Scope of exhibits:
      1. Airport Construction: terminal construction and equipment installation; air control equipment technology; airport lighting facilities: Airport large screen display equipment: Airport accessibility facilities and technology; tower command and visual system; airport elevator; airport greening; building materials; general equipment; e-commerce; operation management; design and construction: Airport intelligent equipment (intelligent balance vehicle), etc.:
      2. Aviation Logistics: airport logistics storage construction; logistics equipment; information technology and software; third party logistics service;
      3. Airport Security: fire fighting and rescue equipment access control system / intelligent ID; avionics tag; electronic card; cargo and baggage handling system; biometric system; explosion-proof isolation equipment; CCTV monitoring system; Explosive detection system; metal detection device; sealed product; tracking system; (contraband / dangerous goods) trace detection system; training and consulting service product; luggage, cargo, passenger X-ray detection system; security X-ray machine; security gate; air cargo transport X-ray safety inspection equipment and other airport security inspection systems.
      4. Airport perimeter security system: perimeter intrusion monitoring system ; perimeter alarm system, optical fiber perimeter warning system, perimeter security system, microwave detector, curtain detector, vibration cable, vibration optical fiber host, vibration sensor, ceiling detector, metal detector, glass detector, special detector, intrusion detector, infrared counter shooting, infrared fence, laser counter shooting, laser radar, alarm host, etc. 2. Electronic fence Pulse electronic fence, pulse host
      5. Airport ground equipment: apron part: ground support equipment and flight area technical equipment system, etc. large machinery will be displayed, such as aircraft trailer, fuel truck, airport ferry car, deicing (snow) car, tractor, clean water car, fire truck, power car, air source car, air conditioning car, luggage car, trolley, etc., new boarding bridge, hydraulic work platform and aviation ground related equipment

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